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Research Paper In Teenage Pregnancy

Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy

In today’s society teenage pregnancy is growing. Though the percentile has lowered some in the past ten years, it is still a huge problem today.

There are many disadvantages to being a teenage mother and being the child of one. Being the parent at such a young age takes away many opportunities for you. You now can't go and explore the possibilities of your future. You are now forced to explore the opportunities of the future of your child. They now become number one in your life. They must be the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. There's no more going out with your friends and you can forget about the club or team you were or want to be on. Most teenagers, when they find out they are going to become parents drop out of school.

That is one of the biggest problems when becoming a teenage parent. At the time it seems like the right thing to do. You figure this will give you more time with your child, and more opportunity to get a job and support a child.


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Many times the parents of these teenagers support them and encourage them to stay in school, but that doesn't always help. What these teenagers need to realize is that it's their education that will lead them to get better jobs to help support there child. Because the government see's this, they have made laws in many states saying that teenagers must finish high school while being pregnant in order to receive any kind of government assistance. The other parent must also be involved in the child’s life proving that the child will somewhat have a stable life.

The child also plays a major role in this. They are the ones who must live with the parent’s decision to get pregnant at such an early age. This child must live with what will most likely be a low income family. They probably won't get the same kind of things that most kids, if born to a couple at a normal age, might receive. It is most likely that this child will not have both parents in their life. When teenage girls get pregnant, more than half the time the father will break up with the girl and leave her with the responsibility. In reverse the mother can give birth, but then leave the father to take care of them and live with the responsibility.

With these huge problems in the child’s life, they might have the tendency to grow up with mental problems. There's the possibility of learning disabilities, or maybe even more serious conditions that might lead to hospilization. Because the parent made the wrong decision to have sex and give birth when they weren't ready, these children must live with the consequences.

There are many possibilities if a teenager were to get pregnant. They could give it up for adoption, have an abortion, or grow up and take on the responsibility in having a child. They can also look into community programs or other resources that may help in making a decision. The best decision though would be to not have sex, and if you are, to act responsibly so you won't have to face the decisions and responsibilities that someone at that age aren't and shouldn't be ready to handle.

Today it is getting better, but it's still not at its best. The day we can say that things have gotten better is the day that that every child is cared for and in a happy home. Sadly enough that day may never come.

So as you can probably tell from reading this I wouldn’t want to get myself in this situation and I think teen pregnancy is really bad. But, I sympathize for any teenage girl who has to worry about a baby for the rest of her life.

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Teen Pregnancy Research Paper

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Teenage Pregnancy in America

Teen pregnancy is a growing epidemic in the United States. Teen girls are becoming pregnant at an alarming rate, with a lot of the pregnancies planned. With television shows broadcasting shows such as “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”, it is giving teenage girls the idea that it is alright to have premarital sex and become pregnant. It is in a way condoning teen pregnancy.
I am interested in discussing teen pregnancy and the options that are out there for the teens who find themselves in this situation. I don’t think enough is being done to educate or prepare these teens about how their lives will change in the event of pregnancy. I am especially interested in this issue, because I found myself in…show more content…

They see the overwhelming importance given to sexual attractiveness in the media-one study estimated that the average teenager ahs witnessed nearly 14,000 sexual encounters on television- yet they also hear their parents and religious advisers telling them that sex is wrong. As a result, many young people begin having sex without really intending to and without taking precautions against pregnancy. In the last decade or so, however, the growing awareness of the dangers of AIDS does appear to have contributed to a decline in the rates of sexual intercourse among teens. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that between 1991 and 2005 the percentage of teenagers who are sexually active dropped from 57.4 percent to 46.3 percent among males and from 50.8 percent to 44.9 percent among females. The rates of pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted disease among teens have actually dropped even faster than the rate of sexual activity. So it appears that, in addition to postponing sex, teens are also becoming more responsible in their sexual activities. For example, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 87.5 percent of teens were either abstinent or used condoms. Of course, that means that 12.5 percent of teens were still having unprotected sex, but that is a significant improvement over past decades. Similarly, although the rate of teen pregnancy has declined, more than 11 percent of the babies born in the United States

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