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Atom And Void Essays On Science And Community

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J. Robert Oppenheimer


�Both the man of science and the man of action live always
at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it.�

�There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry. There is no place for dogma in science.
The scientist is free, and must be free to ask any question, to doubt any assertion,
to seek for any evidence, to correct any errors.�

� J. Robert Oppenheimer

          B I O

          t e x t

          h e r e

          Julius Robert Oppenheimer studied at Harvard, Cambridge & G�ttingen universities, then worked with Ernest O. Lawrence at U.C. Berkeley, together founding American theoretical physics. From 1943-45, Oppenheimer was scientific director of the top-secret Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. For twenty feverish months, the team at Los Alamos designed and produced the nuclear weapons that ended World War II, earning Oppenheimer the nickname 'father of the atomic bomb'. His later outspoken opinions led to removal from government jobs and the loss of his security clearance in 1954, and to investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee (under Sen. Joseph McCarthy).

President of the American Physical Society in 1948

J. Robert Oppenheimer entry at Wikipedia
J. Robert Oppenheimer credits [1949-2010] at Internet Movie Database

Writings  of  J. Robert Oppenheimer
browse books by Robert Oppenheimer at Amazon

"Science and The Common Understanding" [Simon and Schuster, 1954]

"The Open Mind: Atomic Weapons and The Relationship Between Science & Culture"
[New York: Simon and Schuster, 1955]

"The Constitution of Matter" [1956]

"The Flying Trapeze: Three Crises For Physicists" [Oxford Univ Press, 1964]

"Uncommon Sense" [Birkh�user Boston, 1984]

"Atom and Void: Essays On Science & Community" [Princeton Univ Press, 1989]

Books  About  J. Robert Oppenheimer
browse books about Robert Oppenheimer at Amazon

"J. Robert Oppenheimer and The Atomic Story" [1962] by J. Alvin Kugelmass

"Robert Oppenheimer: The man & His Theories" [1965] by Michel Rouze

"Oppenheimer: The Story of A Friendship" [1965] by Haakon Chevalier

"Lawrence and Oppenheimer" [Simon and Schuster, 1968] by Nuel Pharr Davis

"Oppenheimer: Illustrated" [1969]
Essays by I.I. Rabi, Robert Serber, Victor F. Weisskopf, Abraham Pais & Glenn T. Seaborg
Scribner 9½x6 hardcover [1/69] out of print/used

"The Swift Years: The Robert Oppenheimer Story" [Dodd Mead, 1969]
by Peter Michelmore ISBN 0-396-06024-2

"The Advisors: Oppenheimer, Teller & The Superbomb" [Stanford Univ Press, 1976] by Herbert York

"Oppenheimer and The Atomic Bomb" [1989] by Rebecca Larsen

"Atomic Dawn: A Biography of Robert Oppenheimer" [1989] by John E. Driemen

"Robert Oppenheimer: Dark Prince" [Facts On File, 1992]
by Jack Rummel ISBN 0-8160-2598-3

"Oppenheimer and The Bomb" [1998] by Paul Strathern

"Fallout" graphic novel about Szilard & Oppenmheimer [2001] by Jim Ottaviani

"Robert Oppenheimer" [Mass pb Jun 20, 2002] by Michel Rival /202053438X/

"In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer: The Security Clearance Hearing" [Cornell Univ, 2002]
Edited by Richard Polenberg ISBN 0-8014-3783-0 978-0801486616

"The Teflon Scientist: An Unorthodox View of The Oppenheimer Case" [2004] by Stanley Bowes

"Reappraising Oppenheimer: Centennial Studies & Reflections" [Univ of CA, 2005]
by Cathryn Carson ISBN 0-9672617-3-2

"Giants of Science: J. Robert Oppenheimer" [2005] by Toney Allman

"Oppenheimer and The Manhattan Project: Insights Into J. Robert Oppenheimer, Father of The Atomic Bomb"
[2005] by Cynthia C. Kelly

"Oppenheimer: The Tragic Intellect" [Univ Chicago Press, 2006] ISBN 0-226-79845-3 by Charles Thorpe

"J. Robert Oppenheimer: The Brain Behind The Bomb" (Inventors Who Changed the World)
[2007] by Glenn Scherer & Marty Fletcher

"Oppenheimer Is Watching Me" [Univ of Iowa Press, 2007] Jeff Porter ISBN 1-58729-616-0

"U.F.O. Secrecy and The Fall of J. Robert Oppenheimer" [Sep 24, 2008]
by Donald R. & Mollie L. Burleson

"The Redemption of Oppenheimer" [Oct 21, 2008] by Robert Montagnese new: $14.49

"A Life In Twilight: The Final Years of J. Robert Oppenheimer" [Nov 11, 2008] by Mark Wolverton

Fiction  About  J. Robert Oppenheimer

Stageplays,  and  Motion Pictures & Videos
J. Robert Oppenheimer credits [1949-2010] at Internet Movie Database

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(B.B.C. & I.T.V. documentaries, dramatizations, animated films, etc.) at
Spirit of America's Atomic Film Festival Page

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"In der Sache J. Robert Oppenheimer" [German TV Jan 1964]
Directed by Gerhard Klingenberg; written by Heinar Kipphardt; credits at IMDb

"In der Sache J. Robert Oppenheimer" remake [German TV 1981]
Directed by Dieter Giesing; written by Heinar Kipphardt; credits at IMDb

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"The Oppenheimer Affair: A Political Play In Three Acts" [1968]
by Joseph Boskin
Glencoe Press pb [1968] out of print/used

  "Oppenheimer: Father of The Atomic Bomb" TV mini-series
[B.B.C./WGBH-TV U.K. Oct 1980, USA May 1982]

7-episode color TV mini-series about the American physicist who led the top-secret 'Manhattan Project' to develop the atomic bomb during World War II. After the bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, he suffers increasing ambivalence about the effect of his life's work, which leads to suspicion as a security risk during the McCarthy 'red scare' oppression of the 1950s. Directed by Barry Davis; written by Peter Prince' narrated by John Carson; starring Sam Waterston {as Oppenheimer}, Jana Shelden, David Suchet, Manning Redwood, Christopher Muncke, Edward Hardwicke, Matthew Guinnes, Bob Sherman, John Morton, Garrick Hagon & Peter Marinker; won 3 BAFTA Awards
B.B.C. Warner widescreen color DVD [8/00] 3 disks for $21.99
full credits at IMDb

  "The Day After Trinity" documentary feature [1981]
Produced & co-written by Janet Peoples, co-written & directed by Jon Else; nominated for Best Documentary Oscar, won A.C.E. & Peabody Awards
Image Ent. color DVD [5/2002] for $21.99
Pyramid Home Video color VHS [8/91] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb
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"The Love Song of J Robert Oppenheimer" [2004 stageplay] by Carson Kreitzer
2009 performance at Custom Made Theatre Company in San Francisco, CA
2009 rehearsal video from performance at Le Chat Noir in Augusta, GA
2009 performance at Mother Road Theatre Company in Albuquerque, NM
Dramatists Publng hardcover playscript [1/2006] out of print/used

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brother  Frank Oppenheimer  [1912-85]
entry at Wikipedia

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J. Robert Oppenheimer entry at Wikipedia
J. Robert Oppenheimer credits [1949-2010] at Internet Movie Database
listed #48 on Atlantic Monthly's "100 Most Influential Americans" (12/2006)
Oppenheimer article on the Los Alamos National Laboratory website
Oppenheimer Centennial Exhibit [2004] at U.C. Berkeley
The Oppenheimer House in Los Alamos, NM

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Book Description:

J. Robert Oppenheimer was one of the outstanding physicists of his generation. He was also an immensely gifted writer and speaker, who thought deeply about the way that scientific discoveries have changed the way people live and think. Displaying his subtlety of thought and expression as do few other documents, this book of his lectures discusses the moral and cultural implications of developments in modern physics.

Originally published in 1989.

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eISBN: 978-1-4008-6028-9

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