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Essay About Rainforest In Sri Lanka

We have been twice to Sinharaja now and we are so looking forward to going back.
I can not give you any technical details about the place, (but i see that the person who wrote the previews review did a great job) but i can tell you what its like for an outsider to visit this place.
We drove to Sinharaja early morning, after driving through some beautiful hills full of tea plantations, we arrived at the entrance. The entrance fee to the forest is around 600Rupees per person and we had our video camera with us so we had to pay an extra fee for it, but trust me, its totally worth it. it all came down to around 10 euros for the both of us plus the cost of the guide.

Let me start by saying that the best time to visit this place is from January to April, when its dry season so there is no rain.
The first time we went to Sinharaja it was May 2008, and it was rainy season so there was the huge problem of Leeches, which we had heavily underestimated and we just went there in our shorts and sandals. From the moment we went in to the forest, every ten minutes we would be wiping off Leeches from our legs and cleaning the blood, you have to know that when leeches start sucking your blood you dont feel a thing, when they stop thats when the blood starts to flow and you realize that you have been bitten. its really scary but fortunately u dont catch anything from them. u just bleed for a few minutes thats all.
This time we went it was dry season so there werent so many leeches, but we went prepared anyways, rubber boots and track pants so there were a couple of desperate leeches who were looking for a way to get in the boots. But anyways, always go prepared.
The guides that accompany you are really great. they speak english and they will tell you everything you want to know and the names of every single animal and insect, and even the names of every single tree.
We saw so many beautiful butterflies that were so huge that at first we thought they were birds.
We also saw lots of beautiful birds, many of these you find only in Srilanka. and many different species of Lizards, some very rare Animals as well, like the Frog Mouth Owl which was so amazing to see. lots of snakes, water snakes and if you are lucky, you may see some wild cats.

If you are a Nature lover, or if you love hiking or u just love watching those documentries about rainforests and always wanted to visit one, well this is the place for you.

To see a short clip of our trip to Sinharaja, please go here:

The sinharaja rainforest is most important forest in Sri Lanka. It is about 9000 hectares In extent. Over 60% of the tree species are found only in Sinharaja rainforest. Many of the plants are very rare.The sinharaja rainforest is the largest rainforest reserve in Sri Lanka. In 1989 UNESCO included this forest in the world heritage list, as the National Heritage of Sri Lanka.There are many rare animals, birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and trees. These are very valuable things for the people. Sinharaja provides a habitat for animals. And also Sinharaja has beautiful waterfalls, hills, hills, flowers and rocks. Studied have recorded 147 species of birds in sinharaja.The average height of trees in the sinharaja veries between 35 to 40 meters. Some trees are above 50 meters.The sinharaja rain forest is a valuable source of people. So we must protect this as our eyes.

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